About Us

With over 5 years of working in the surf and skate industry, Tim Heuring was tired of running a small chain of surf/skate shops that we have all seen in shopping malls and small surf towns. Most of them are poorly run and sloppy in nature and can have intimidating staff members to deal with.
Not by choice, but because of a clash of ideas with his employer, Tim left the store chain in search of a new vision and The EDGE was born in May of 1989. Take all of the clothes away and what do you have? Usually a lot of slatwall and a rather boring look that everyone has. Image was at the heart of the store so we started with our signature Mercedes Benz counter, steel racks, cinder block shelving and 'test tube' dressing rooms all made by us and therefore, unique. Located downtown on a corner of two popular streets with the Atlantic Ocean within view, we were definitively on the edge.
In the following years, the original store grew form 500 square feet to 1100 sq.ft. in 1991, then to 1600 sq.ft. in 1993, and finally to 2500 sq.ft. in 1995. From there, we have opened stores in Dover, Delaware, Newark, Delaware and Ft.Myers Beach, Florida, but none were continued due to various reasons. Since then, The EDGE is still One of a Kind with a hands on approach of a locally owned shop with all of the common courtesy and product knowledge you could ask for. Now that the electronic age has taken over... This website is the means of reaching our customer base in the nearby area and over the stretches of the country. When you don't have time for a visit to the beach, just shop online with us and sign up to receive the latest news and reviews by email.
We intend to keep providing our unique selection of goods in our store as trends change with the times, but will only have a select group of our items to be viewed and purchased online. Our website is fully secure with inventory counts and online order tracking and we will always offer a FREE SHIPPING option! We listen to customer feedback and strive to improve upon our relationship with our customers. In other words: We Promise to keep our EDGE! We hope you do too!

Stop in and visit us at:


28 Wilmington Ave.

Rehoboth Beach, De 19971